Upper St. Clair Girls Youth Lacrosse Club, based in Upper St. Clair, PA serving girls in 1st through 8th grades

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To play womens' lacrosse you need the following items:

1. Full size womens' lacrosse stick (see illustration below for clarification on the type of Crosse the girls game uses -- length of stick is optional, from 35-1/2" to 43-1/4" -- your coach will show you how to measure the stick)

2. Eye protection/goggles meeting the ASTM certification for women’s lacrosse

3. Colored mouthguard (not clear -- it must be visible)

4. Gloves are optional, but nice to have in our early spring season!

Comparison of girls crosse vs boys crosse


Here are some local places to get your equipment:

1155 Washington Pike (Great Southern Shopping Center, by Texas Roadhouse)
Bridgeville, PA 15017

Dicks Sporting Goods, good prices/not very knowledgeable
Dicks has been expanding its assortment of lacrosse equipment, so it's not a bad place to check out.

Perani's Hockey World
1600 Cochran Road
Mt Lebanon (412) 343-5857
They typically discount all items in their store.

QC Lacrosse - www.qclax.com
1700 Sawgrass Ct
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
412-388-0400 - OFFICE

Hope this helps!