Upper St. Clair Girls Youth Lacrosse Club, based in Upper St. Clair, PA serving girls in 1st through 8th grades

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Why do we want our daughters to play lacrosse?
(Loosely adapted from the Canadian Lacrosse Association’s “GREAT PHILOSOPHY”)
The Essence of Sports is the Essence of Humanity
Among Native Americans is a philosophy of human nature which holds that humanity is defined by three facets: mind, body, and spirit. It’s true that all youth sports address these facets. But, I believe lacrosse is a superior sport due to its reliance on:

  • personal mastery (stick handling and positioning)
  • individual commitment (trying to improve every day by always trying to learn and do your best)
  • teamwork (communication, collaboration and camaraderie)

The Body
By the very nature of lacrosse, kids who participate are physically active. They build fitness and develop coordination. They improve their balance, and enhance judgment of their own bodies. The skills kids acquire playing lacrosse help them develop body awareness as they learn to push and extend their capabilities to new heights. Development does not have to be measured against an absolute standard, but may be measured against personal standards. In this way success, skill and achievement are attainable for all.

The Mind
As a player learns lacrosse, her ability to understand, evaluate and make judgments on skills, techniques and strategies also develop. Our goal is to help young athletes develop their cognitive abilities through repetition, comprehension, instinctive execution, and into innovation.

It’s a fact: sports help kids develop better judgment and analytical skills. I think this is especially true of lacrosse.

Through lacrosse, athletes develop confidence in their capabilities and their connection to the sport can help them build positive self-images as well as memories and friendships that can last a lifetime.

The Spirit

Lacrosse is inherently well suited to teaching kids values, morals, and rules of behavior. Through lacrosse we can transmit the values of fair and honest competition, and respect for rules and authority. We can also help participants develop a guideline for social interaction that they will carry into all other aspects of their lives.

The Value of Sport

Throughout history the prevalence of sport as part of civilization is striking. The consistency of sport as a part of culture lends credence to the belief that there are fundamental principles at play.

Invented by Native Americans, lacrosse is considered by many to be North America's first sport, but its rich history is unfamiliar to many sports fans today.
Lacrosse was football Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown's favorite sport at Syracuse University. It is the official summer game of Canada, and NHL Hall-of-Famer Wayne Gretzky is a noted lacrosse enthusiast who brought concepts of "lacrosse attack" to his place as the greatest scorer in the history of hockey.

Today, Youth Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States. Why? Well, the sport is fast and fun to play. It takes skill, but it is easy to learn. Unlike other running sports, lacrosse has lots of shooting and plenty of opportunities to score. But most assuredly, because youth lacrosse is a great way to help develop healthy, active kids while teaching them fundamental principles of fairness and fair play.